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Cheap Idaho Health Insurance Quotes - Best Info About Idaho Health Insurance Quotes

Cheap Idaho Health Insurance Quotes and Free Idaho Health Insurance Quotes

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When looking for the right Idaho health insurance plan, First, carefully review Idaho health insurance policies and contact the Idaho health insurance company if you have questions; Second, if you have pre-existing conditions or other special needs, check with a doctor or support organization to see if they have Idaho health insurance recommendations; Third, look for Idaho health plan report cards, assessing quality of care and consumer satisfaction; Forth, when buying a managed care plan, make sure the Idaho health insurance provider's directory includes suitable doctors, hospitals and other care providers convenient for you; Fifth, find out the frequency at which the Idaho health insurance company increases its Idaho medical insurance rates and how aging changes your Idaho health insurance rates; Finally, call the Idaho medical insurance insurer's customer service phone number to see how long it takes them to respond.

The following information details idaho health insurance and assistance programs available to uninsured people in Idaho.

Idaho Department of Insurance
(800) 721-3272
In Idaho, state law allows idaho health insurance companies to turn people down for individual idaho health insurance coverage based on the status of their health. Even though you can be turned down for an individual idaho health insurance policy, you can never be turned down for idaho health insurance that is offered through an employer.

Idaho Medicaid
(208) 334-2479 ( Boise) or (800) 356-9868
This program is available to anyone who meets income and eligibility criteria. Even if your income meets the criteria, you must fall into one of the eligibility categories in order to qualify.

Idaho High Risk Reinsurance Pool
(208) 334-4250
The Idaho High Risk Reinsurance Pool is the Idaho state high-risk pool. This program allows individual idaho health insurance policies to be sold to people who might otherwise be considered “uninsurable” because of a chronic illness.

Idaho Children’s Health Insurance Program
(800) 926-2588
IDCHIP is the program designed to provide idaho health insurance to children and teens whose families may have too great an income to qualify for Medicaid, but who may not be able to afford idaho health insurance.

Idaho Access Card
(800) 926-2588
The Access Card is for children whose parents have access to idaho health insurance coverage (through their job, for example) but are unable to afford that idaho health insurance coverage for their children. The State of Idaho will pay up to $100 per month toward the cost of monthly idaho health insurance premiums, up to $300 per month (for 3 or more children). Parents are responsible for covering any additional co-pays and deductibles required.

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